Cyber Security Warrior provides basic to advanced cyber security awareness training that focuses on individuals and small businesses.

Even the best cyber protections money can buy can't protect from a bad password or a bad link in an email. By learning basic cyber security awareness techniques you will be able to better protect yourself and your family from cyber-attacks.

Secure the Human...Secure the Future


Cyber Security Warrior sells a variety of products to help secure your personal information both offline and online.


Cyber Security Warrior provides affordable training options for both small businesses and individuals to help keep them safe from cyber attacks or learn how to work in the cyber security industry.


Cyber Security Warrior offers a full range of services for both the Individual and Small Businesses. Let CSW help you recover from a cyber threat or prevent one from happening.

The Problem

  • Over 70% of Cyber Attacks target Small Businesses
  • 60% of those Small Businesses close within 6 months
  • Attacks are targeting rural industries and those not previously recognized as vulnerable
  • Current solutions and protections are very expensive
  • Non-traditional technologies do not have solutions readily available
  • Ultimately they do not protect against a networks biggest threat…Humans

Our Solution

  • Training that can be customized to any age group, industry, or level of understanding
  • Risk Assessments to identify potential security threats and develop security plan for each customer
  • Utilize Big Business frameworks and methodologies modified for the way Small Businesses operate
  • Work within the smaller budgets of Small Businesses and Individuals
  • Address security vulnerabilities associated with non-conventional equipment and workspaces
  • Focused training of the individual as a first line of defense against cyber attacks
  • Provide a single stop marketplace for the education and sale of preventative products
  • Develop devices that provide monitoring capabilities that are more cost effective for Small Businesses